The vision for Moxy Group was dreamt up on a flight from Denver to New York on the day after the 2016 Presidential election. Following that flight, Courtney Banayad, Moxy's CoFounder, and a group of folks committed to social justice gathered around a kitchen table in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We drank tea, ate pastries, tapped into our collective experience working with grassroots organizers, nonprofits, funders, and creative teams, and brainstormed.
We wanted to bring together a group of activists, fundraisers, designers, artists, writers, and web developers that would collaborate & create together. We knew that we wanted to center women, POC, and queer folks as leaders. We knew that everyone in this group would share a commitment to dismantling systems of oppression, white supremacy, and patriarchy. And we knew that we wanted to partner with social justice and philanthropic organizations that hold these same values.
And so, Moxy was launched in 2017 with the following intentions behind its name and ethos:

MOXY (mox·​ie): Skill; know-how; finesse
Courage; determination
Name of a drink intended to “build up your nerve”

Since then, Moxy has brought a persistent attitude of determination to our resource mobilization, branding, design, and facilitation projects that amplify voices and catalyze movements.
For a taste of what Moxy has to offer...
We partnered with CHANGE Philanthropy to advance equity in philanthropy through the #Unite4Equity engagement platform, as well as the organization's 2017 Unity Summit.
We guided Justice Funders through an identity project that resulted in a new brand and has helped position the organization to power philanthropic transformation.
We trained young POC climate leaders  to raise money as they consider running for political office as part of an innovative program led by the Power Shift Network.
We have collaborated closely with Neighborhood Funders Group to update its brand and bolster its digital presence to more effectively organize funders around social justice. This includes supporting its Funders for Justice program in launching a microsite that explores strategies to divest our nation’s resources from criminalization.
We designed graphics for SAME Café’s food truck so that this food justice organization can reach more people with healthy food, regardless of the ability to pay.  
And we have so much gratitude to this full list of organizations with which Moxy has proudly partnered: 
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